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Unrivaled Algorithmic Thinking. Applied

In the race to innovate, success or failure depends on the quality of the intellectual power applied against a given challenge. That’s why we hire the types of creative, algorithmic thinkers you can’t find elsewhere. By creating a company culture in which the best and the brightest are unleashed to turn projects into industry-transforming solutions, we are able to attract the type of innovators that other companies simply can’t.

Small Teams Focused on Hugely Challenging Tasks

When you are building a business, you need to do many things at once. Outsourcing some of them can help you to concentrate only on your core business activities. For years Essential Solutions has been providing the full range of software development services and technology consulting to many industries. Experience with partners accross the globe taught us to excel in these three things: be a team, be professional and be agile.

Small Teams Focused on Hugely Challenging Tasks

The world is awash in software mediocrity. Go to any of the big names in software outsourcing and you aren’t likely to get much beyond warm bodies. Indeed, when it comes to innovation, big is usually bad.

That’s why at Essential we focus intentionally on finding clients with some of the world’s most challenging projects and then we curate small teams of unrivalled innovators to deliver these solutions at light speed.

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We. Are. Armenian.

In the Soviet era, Armenians made up only 1.5% of the total Soviet population but delivered 30% of the major technology breakthroughs in the Soviet military. Historically, Armenia’s extreme focus on applied algorithmic thinking and theoretical physics resulted in Armenians developing the Soviet Union’s first atomic bomb, it first super computer, first microchip, and all of the guidance systems for rockets, satellites and submarines.

Today, Essential is one of the flagbearers for the next generation of great Armenian innovators. From enterprise software to AI to quantum computing, our teams of superstar developers are helping clients around the world push the limits of what is possible.






What People Are Saying

Over the years we led 360report from MVP to a great success together with Essential Solutions as a solid partner and could diversify our product to different markets and countries

Matthias Keitel

360report Gmbh

We’re very happy with quality of service delivered by developers at Essential Solutions. With their expertise we are able to optimize our cell screening process, helping our scientists to quickly and easily manage their data

Igor Ivanov

Oncolead Gmbh

During 5 years of working with Essential Solutions we’ve been pleased with the quality of work delivered by the team in creating carbon footprint management system; the professionalism of the management team and the technical competence of their developers helps our business to grow and stay competitive in the global market

Moritz Lehmkuhl

ClimatePartner Gmbh

Your team has excellent communication skills and a fast response and turnaround time. Highest work quality. I can say that Essential Solutions is a honest and decent group of people with the highest work ethic I have seen for development team

Garegin Gevorgyan

SEF International

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