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We help the world’s leading software innovators create disruptive IP at lightspeed.

We Partner Innovators to
Create Industry-Disrupting
Competitive Advantage

For leading innovators the world over, the only thing more important than cashflow is speed to disruption. But that kind of speed takes world-class engineering, which is nearly impossible to find. This is where Essential comes in. We curate small teams of some of the world’s leading software engineers to accelerate our clients’ innovation cycles in ways that they would struggle to do on their own.

Clients We’ve Helped to Accelerate

Many of our projects are so top-secret we can’t reveal our clients, but here are some of the many clients we’ve innovated with:

How We Help Innovators Accelerate

World-class thinkers

We are not software developers. We are physicists, mathematicians, and PhD-candidates who happen to be world-class software engineers.

A laser-like focus on
Business-problems first

We don’t build technology for technology’s sake. We have a unique approach to defining hyper-practical solutions that solve real-world business problems.

on the core task

Our clients come to us because we don’t give them what they ask for. They come to us to give them 100% of what they ask for while transforming their brief into something infinitely more ambitious than when we started.

We help clients conceive, architect, and develop some of the world’s most challenging and innovative enterprise-grade applications.

AI Acceleration

We partner the world’s leading innovators in everything from developing fundamental AI research to creating some of the most aggressively advanced AI systems on the planet today.


Next-gen, enterprise-grade blockchain applications are on the way and our engineers are at the forefront of developing them.

Mobile & IoT


The world is already mobile first, but 5G-linked IoT is going to change everything again, and our engineers are partnering bleeding-edge innovators to shape this new future.

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