Mobile & IoT Acceleration

We help clients make technology more relevant than ever before.

Grade Apps

All mobile apps are not the same. We don’t just code something basic, we partner our clients in envisioning a long-term game plan and then develop incredibly well-architected mobile platforms that are scalable, secure, and ready to disrupt industries.

of Things

From small to big, we get cutting-edge IoT. Smart backpacks? Check. Hyper-advanced, biometric-based security sytems? Yup. Smart power management systems for buildings? We’ve got you covered. Top secret military-grade stuff? Well, we can’t confirm or deny, but if we did, we’d probably have to kill you. 🙂

AI in a
Mobile World

It’s one thing to mobile develop apps and IoT systems. It’s another thing to do so and use them to drive advanced AI platforms. This is where we thrive. Such systems need to be lightweight and yet robust. They often depend on Edge computing. And there isn’t anything simple about them.


We specialize in turning napkin scratches into testable concepts at a pace that makes Silicon Valley’s head spin. Got an idea that you need to test pronto?

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