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We help clients dream of, explore, and realize a Deep Tech future.

The Crazies

At Essential, we are aiming for greatness. That’s why we believe that unless we intentionally infuse each team with a few crazies, we’ll never get beyond the mediocre. So, we look for people who don’t think at all like the rest of us. They are people who don’t fit. People who ask questions the rest find uncomfortable or can’t even conceive of asking. Yes, they can be awkward. Yes, they can be frustrating or even infurating. But true breakthroughs never ever come by looking at old problems the same way.

Theoretical R&D

Have you got business problem for which the theoretical math, physics or engineering foundation for such a solution doesn’t even exist yet? Then you’ve come to the right place. Our Theoretical R&D teams are focused on finding new ways to think about and explore what has never before been explored. They are uncovering whole new areas of knowledge that have not yet been revealed to humanity.

Applied R&D

More likely than not your business problem is dealing in areas of known science, but there is still a lot of R&D to be done before you’ve got a commercializeable, market-ready solution. This is where we thrive – taking clients from ideas to market-ready solutions, when the journey requires heavy-duty applied R&D along the way.


Academic partnerships are the lynchpin of the Essential R&D Lab. We partner with leading-edge researchers at universities and think tanks around Armenia, many of whom were giants of Soviet science. Our connections with some of the brightest mathematicians, cryptographers, physicists, and thinkers on the planet give our clients an umatched edge at a fraction of the cost of what it would take to do the same research in Berkley, Boston, or Berlin, or Beijing.

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