Big Brains, Small Egos, and a Passion to Push the World Forward

We accelerate innovation for clients across a wide variety of industries.

Uncommon Leadership

We’ve built a team of uncommon leaders, impassioned visionaries, and aggressive drivers of industires. At preseent we are nearly 200 people spread across 8 nests (our term for offices).

Our leadership team includes:

Garik Petrosyan

Founder & CEO

Garik is an entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in software development, including 17 years as a software architect.  He has built and run teams that have fueled the growth of some of the world’s most innovative startups.

Matt Bartelsian

Director of Global
Business Development

Matt has spent 25 years helping industry leaders and leading-edge start-ups disrupt global markets.  He is passionate about building teams that take seeds of ideas and turn them into something world-changing.

We are Generalists Who
Specialize in Innovation Acceleration

We’ve never focused on only one industry and gone deep into it. Rather, we’ve focused on learning out to understand, dissect, and translate business problems into competitive advantage-creating innovation. This allows us to usually take an outsiders view with each new client, and that’s a perspective that has proven invaluable.

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