Let Curiosity Reign!

Ours is a remarkably invigorating culture in which small groups of innovators create amazing things.

To Start Innovating,
We Build Nests

Nests? Yes, nests. You see, we strongly believe that to get to breakthrough innovation, you’ve got to build a flat culture based on curiosity, trust, meritocracy, emotional intimacy, and, critically, fun. In our experience you can only achieve this with groups of less than 50 pepole – just enough where everyone can know everyone else’s first name.

So we build nests – small, intentionally build micro-cultures of no more than 50 people in one space. Within each nest we flatten the management structure and everyone empowered to deliver greatness. Once a nest approaches 50 people, it’s time to think about creating a new nest.

This sounds quite simple and it is. But we’ve seen no better way to consistently build a culture that consistently produces extraordinary results.

You Can’t Beat
Fun for Having a Good Time!

Working at Essential is nothing if not fun. We value huge intellects with very small egos. We like to laugh and laugh hard. And we love exploring the unexplored together – pushing each other and our clients forward to create things and do things that have never been done before.

Are You Looking
To Make an Impact?

Yes, money is important. But if you are working in software development and innovation, you don’t really have to worry about money.

What is vastly more important to us is the opportunity to make an real impact with what we do. We aspire to world-changing projects, and while not all of ours are quite that grand, Essential definitely makes a huge impact on our clients’ businesses.

Do you think you have the intellectual horse-power and innate curiousity to make an impact at Essential? Then we’d like to talk to you! Give us a shout by filling out your details below.

Want Your
Work to Matter?
Want to Make
an Impact?

If you are serious about working on projects that push the world forward, then drop us a note with your CV today.

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