AI Acceleration

We help clients push the limits of what’s possible with artificial intelligence.

Algorithmic Superiority

The key to accelerating and achieving competitive advantage in AI engineering and development lies in the algorithmic skills of your team. At Essential, we don’t just have solid AI engineers, we have world-class mathematicians and physicists whose algorithmic thinking is, quite simply, superior.

Machine Learning

Because of our AI team’s algorithmic skills, we are developing some of the most advanced and effiicent algorithms in AI today. We are working on some of the most challenging problems in machine learning today and have developed multiple world-first solutions that are helping our clients outpace their compeititon.

Machine Vision

From biometrics to drones to robotics to logistics to autonomous ships to top-secret military systems, our machine vision teams are truly at the forefront of the industry.  We are regularly developing new approaches to machine vision problems that are giving our clients an unassailable advantage.


We aren’t just masters of NLP algorthims. We are holistic innoators that are developing blended
software/hardware solutions down to the chip level with companies like Xilinx. In a very real sense
the work our teams are doing are transforming the performance of NLP everywhere.

Want To Start Accelerating?

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