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Enterprise Solutions

With fundamental technology changing so quickly, the complexity of the cybersecurity threat multiplying so aggressively, and the sheer weight of architectural challenges becoming so overwhelming, it is no wonder that so many companies are having a hard time keeping up.

At Essential, we understand these changes and are laser-focused on architecting and developing enterprise-grade solutions that are not only capable of rising to the scalability, security, and performance challenges of today, but of tomorrow, as well.

Mobile Solutions

Mobile solutions are no longer neither a nice-to-have option, nor a have-to-have solution that actually remains unused because it’s purpose wasn’t fully thought through from the beginning. Rather mobile is a way of thinking.

Given the once-in-a-generation shift of universal mobile device adaptation, we at Essential wrap every process in the context of the following questions:

“How is this going to work in the mobiles space?”

“How can we make this work better in the mobile space by cutting it into smaller, more purpose-driven chunks?”

“How do we future-proof the technology build for mobile?”

“Should we even be doing mobile at this point in the given product’s life-cycle and our client’s business stage?”

We find healthy conversations with our clients around these issues can, more often than not, lead us developing solutions that put our clients far out in front of their industries.

Artificial Intelligence Solutions

There is lots of buzz around artificial intelligence these days and often times clients don’t fully understand what AI is and what it can do. We do.

Our AI team is on the bleeding-edge, in terms of both pure R&D and actual application development. We are developing algorithms and approaches to improving AI accuracy and performance that will be used by the rest of the world for the next decade. Particularly in the machine vision/computer vision/deep learning space, our team is working on AI thinking that is ground-breaking and extraordinary.

Quantum Computing R&D Lab

Quantum computing is going to change everything. Again. We at Essential are positioning ourselves to be at the forefront of this transformative new technology. Our Quantum Computing R&D Lab is exploring the great potential of solving the problems nobody was able to solve before.

Blockchain Solutions

Well that was, by most accounts, a non-event! The amount of time and money and peoplepower invested in the crypto-craze of recent years has lead, spectacularly, to, well, nothing. That’s if you believe the popular press.

But while all the hype and the charlatanism disillusioned most, very powerful, transformative technologies were being developed, the fruits of which we are only going to start to see in the next few years.

And this is why Essential remains so committed to staying on the cutting-edge of where decentralized architectures are headed and developing industrial-grade blockchain solutions that, when correctly implemented, are capable of shaping whole industries.

We are at the end of the beginning and it is only going to get a whole lot more exciting from here.

Cyber Security


As our customers demand on security is pretty high, our team has gained vauable experience in securying the products we deliver to our customers. We helped our customers to pass such tests as PCI DSS, and Penetration tests, helped to match GDPR requirements, protected data with necessary data encryption level, etc.


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