Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships

About Us

Company culture – juice of passion, values and mindset

Essential Solutions core team are highly professional senior software developers who have years of experience in working with partners overseas. Our motto is: Customers of our clients are our customers, and we work relentlessly to make you happy.


 Not only we are good at developing software and writing quality code, but we enjoy the process bringing our passion and energy to the work that we are doing. We put no limit on our capabilities because we realize that being innovative is more about mindset rather than skills, and we sharpen our mindset regularly whether at work or during our leisure time. In fact, that’s when many great ideas are being born.


Why choose us

We exist to turn the customer need into happy relation. Working with us will be not only benefitial from professional perspective, and also will be lot’s of fun! We live once and we learned to change customer requirements into adventureous journey where your envolvement in getting the desired output will be full of excitement and chance to look into “boring IT” from surprising angle 🙂






And of course FUN

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